Saturday, January 1, 2011

SO its been awhile? A year or so?

I have made a new commitment to start blogging again. The last year has been a really bumpy road for me and my son. A year and half ago I left my husband. Unfortunately my vision of a family and family life, was not a shared interest. Without going into too much detail, we split August 29Th 2009. I had hoped that we would try and work things out but that didn't happen. He was happy to go about his life again as a single person again, careless and kid free. Jan 2010 I filed for a divorce and the divorce was final on 9/29/10.

During this time I had to learn to live without the person that I loved. Its so hard to not be jealous of other couples and their families. (Of course the grass isn't greener on the other side, but its hard to not see the bad stuff when your feeling down) That is something I always have wanted to have was a family, a home, kids and a husband to share my time with. (This want has not gone away) Even though I didn't have a great husband and I still loved him more than most people would understand. He lead a completely different life outside of our home and was not with us, very often. When I say us, his 14 year old daughter lived with us, his 10 year old daughter came over every other weekend, we had a son, who was 2 and a dog name Copper (RIP- he was attacked by coyotes this last year) A lot of my friends and even my family often wonder how I can love someone who was never there to me and I often asked myself the same question. I am not sure, but I did, even though it didn't make sense.

I have had to start a new life with just my son and I. I went from cooking for a family of 5 to cooking for 1 1/2. And the 1/2 person doesn't like much. I went from carpooling with other moms, girl scouts every other Monday, cleaning my own house, hosting parties, birthday parties, grocery shopping, best friends spending the night every weekend, driving a mini-van filled with kids to just me and the little man. Life was VERY different.

When I left I my husband I moved in with my grandmother, not having my own place while trying to adapt to a single mom schedule has been tough. I am truly grateful that my grandma offered a helping hand when I needed it and she has been a blessing in everyday, but its also difficult at times. I love watching my 88 year old grandma spend this last year with my 3 year old son. I truly hope he will always remember his GG.

Now for the good stuff, I have survived the divorce, I am starting to move on emotionally, I am DEBT FREE, transferred B from crib to bed, potty training, entering the dating world again, bath time every night for the last year, terrible 2's, sick days, daycare pick ups and drop offs, Xmas time, birthdays, Brandon's first flu (ewww), buying a new car, getting a new job and saving for a house.

Who says you need a man anyways!!! Ive got this single mom thing down pat. I don't get nights off or every other weekend or child support, but Nana's and Papas are great! Brandon often stays 1-2 nights a month at his Nana's house and he is always happy to go :) Sometimes I think I want to go back to my old life, my family, my house, but when I think with a clear mind, Ive got things good.

I have got the most amazing son, who keeps me on my toes and I love more than he even knows. I have the best girl friends and sister that a girl could ask for and now I have time to hang out with them more often. My parents and grandma have been really supportive with my mood swings and depression -wait so have my friends. Without all the bad stuff, I wouldn't be where I am at today.

Independent, strong willed, financially stable and secure and smart, caring, loving and motivated.

Here is to a new 2011!!! (Cheers if you have a glass of wine in front of you like me)

Many post to follow

With that all said, I am making a promise to myself and my son

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME. Im 28, does this mean I am old?

Well if you live in So Cal, you know Disneyland lets you in on your birthday for free. So off we went, and I brought my BFF Steph and her daughter KK, also known as peanut or Kennedy. Brandon has named her KK, probably because he cant say her name. So cute they love each other tons and the foursome had a great day at Disneyland. So much fun!

Cute story while we were there. I had to go to the bathroom as usual, one of my 900 visits . So we parked the kids with Steph at a table. Brandon had his snack that he wanted to share with KK, so he gave it to Steph and he got so mad that she did not give it to KK. So Steph had to put the cookie in KK s hand and Brandon kept looking to make sure that Steph didn't take it away from her. It was so cute. I think Steph left it in her hand until the next ride. So cute he wanted to share with his bud KK but not Steph!B waiting for the Tram
Steph and KK waiting for the Tram
Filming Christmas day parade already, Ryan Secrest was there too.
Brandon soaking up Disneyland for the first time!
Steph and KK on the Pirates of the Caribbean, we got our own boat! LOL
Brandon's first ride at Disneyland..I think he liked it!Say CHEESE!Brandon was very quiet on all the rides
Stop taking pictures of me mom. He was stuck in between 2
Brandon drove on Mr Toads wild
He was concentrating, don't bother him.Too bad this was not a real kiddie jail
He would not smile! Turd.
My little man! Love him!
Brandon's first roller Coaster. We had to wait in line for this ride, KK and Steph waited at some tables while Brandon and I road.In line for 2 seconds and he already cant stay still. He is lifting his feet up and killing my arm because he is so heavy!
Still waiting patiently, but doing very good for his age
Tryng to climb the wall in line
Trying to be patient, something a 2 year old does not know how to do..lolFinally our turn. He was holding on for dear, but he loved it!!Time for honey I shrunk the audience. It was cute.
Brandon wore his glasses the entire time too! I was shocked.
KK has VIP connections at Disneyland so we got on every ride in less than 2 mins, except the roller coaster, because KK is scared of those and we even got seated first in the Honey I shrunk the audience show!KK in her Minnie Shirt. She loved the show too!
Riding Submarine, Who would have thought steph knows every word/song/scene in the movie, it was
The submarine ride, Brandon was looking for Nemo. He was pretty tired by this point. Its almost 6pm and he had no nap. So binkie time it was!Steph and KK (doesn't she look like like a big girl in her thermal!)The End. We were disappointed to find out the park close at 8pm, we originally planned to party to midnight. But 6pm rolled around and we were done. We didn't even make it to Had some yummy dinner and went home. Thanks Steph and KK for sharing my b-day with me. Brandon and I had a blast!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vegas Trip

My friend at work, Robin, invited me to go on a party bus to vegas for the day. It was 2 days prior to my b-day, so heck yeah I went. I brought my sister with me. We left at 7am, started drinking at 7:30am and came home around 10:30pm. Drinking all day takes a beating to the body, but it does not happen very often and I can say I had a great time. I was probably the loudest one on the bus, trying to get everyone to liven up, but whats new I am usually the loudest Thanks DeAnda's for inviting me!!!Sis and I on the way to the bus 6:45amRobin and I on the way to the bus 6:45amOur group. We had tons of fun!Me, Laura and Roland going to get some food. FINALLYExchanging Mel is too funnyRobin and MelRoland has passed out, Robin wants
Yep, 3 sheets to the windStop making funny faces in your sleepStill partying...everyone was telling me to shut up...PARTY POOPERS

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treating @ Riverside Sandals Church

Brandon and I were invited to spend the evening with my good friend amber and her family. We had a blast Trunk n' Treating. Brandon loved getting candy from everyone and thought he need to eat every piece before going to the next Trying to help Ethan, he didnt want too much candy! So cute.
The cuties together. Do you like Brandon's necklace, that someone gave him? LOL
We waited forever to go down this slide and B toppled over at the end. hahahah
Our group minus Ryan. We had lots of fun, but were ready to go home at this point!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I carved Brandons first pumpkin with him this year and he kept licking the darn thing...gross. He was not too interested so I went as fast as I could.He didn't like it when I stuck his hand inside.Our finished product